Thursday, August 26, 2010


The International Activist Blogger Conference-BlogHer'10 was held at Hilton New York on August 6th&7th 2010. 2,400 worldwide women bloggers attended the 6th annual BlogHer conference. Four international activist women bloggers from Afghanistan, Argentina, Bahrain and Sri Lanka delivered the key note speech on August 7th 2010 at Hilton New York.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

@ BlogHer

from twitter pages of Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

I am blessed to have been selected to make a keynote speak at The International Activist Blogger Conference-BlogHer'10 at Hilton New York.

I am elated to have been selected for The International Activist Blogger Scholarship awarded by BlogHer.

"Simply amazing work that you do","You are an inspiration","I am touched by your work that you do"-I am showered with pouring compliments.

"You did a great job, take care of yourself" another encouraging compliment from a lady who fixed the microphone for me while removing it.

"You have a beautiful smile, which can win a million hearts.I wanted to compliment you in person" said another lady.

"You look beautiful" compliments from many ladies at BlogHer'10 which is currently being held at Hilton New York.

"You are a perfect personality to highlight the plight of the people" another compliment for the day.

"Welldone Dushi. You are a star" said Elisa Camahort Page of BlogHer who has strongly encouraged me.I am very grateful.

"Does your family support you?Does your family know you are doing a great job to the people which is risky"another compliment with query

I am stunned and moved by the endless compliments here right now at Hilton New York.

"You are very courageous and very powerful" another compliment while being on the elevator.

"Photos on your blog are very strong and they convey a very powerful message" another compliment while walking.

"You are awesome.You need a red carpet welcome" said another lady.

The participants are from all over the United States of America and other countries.

I am surrounded by bloggers and being showered with endless compliments.

"You are a captive talker" said another email from an attendee of BlogHer'10 annual conference.

"Your million $ smile can win many hearts.Keep up your good work" another email compliment from an attendee of BlogHer'10.

"You are an outspoken lady.I love your work" says another email from an attendee of BlogHer'10.

"You have a set of artistic eyes" says another email from a blogger in the United Kingdom.